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Credits and Thanks

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Project Director - Gail Wheatley:

  • Research
  • Project Organization
  • Grant Preparation
  • Script Writing
  • Activity Ideas & Concepts

Creative Director - Eric Bort:

  • Activity, Web & Print Design
  • Programming
  • Script Writing
  • Activity Ideas & Concepts
  • Going Crazy

Sound Effects and Voice Audio Recording: Troubled Studios

Mrs. Weatherhead Voice: Heather Waldman

Intro Environment and Character Design: Steve Galgas

Science Advisors
Ben Gelber, NBC 4, Columbus, Ohio and Rick Toracinta, Ph.D, The Ohio State University, Byrd Polar Research Center

Text Editing: Heather Evans

Additional XML & PHP Programming: Jamie Gehrlich

We have many people to thank!

Edheads Weather Activities are presented by the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation. Thanks for the generosity and support!

The following school districts and personnel were instrumental in helping Edheads produce the Weather Activities:

Hilliard City Schools, Hilliard, Ohio

Richard Boettner
Coordinator of Instructional Technology, HILLIARD CITY SCHOOLS

Hilliard Teachers
Jerome Mescher, Donna Moss, Kyleen Calabrese, Henry Rauhaus, Denise Nickles, Joe Salamony, Susie Alexander, and Neil Ferreri

Columbus Public Schools, Columbus, Ohio

Dr. Paul Lucas
Director of Instructional Technology, COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOLS

Linda Resch
Linda Joseph

Columbus Public Teachers:
Bonnie Halchin-Smith, Pete Trautmann, and Jeanne Roth

We'd also like to thank...

Keri Duncan of Lilburn Elementary in Gwinnett County, Georigia.  She and her teachers did remote testing for us and the data they generated was invaluable.  Participating teachers include Jane Evans, Laura Byrd, Simone Dreifuss, Carl McCoy, Jerry Pimental, Tim Harkey, Mary Catherine Abston, Tina Pimental, Cheryl Pringle, Janet Fisher, and David Rouk.

We can't mention them all by name, but we sure appreciated the time and comments of the 500 + students who helped test the Weather Activities.

Thanks for the ideas, creativity, fun, and class time!